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European Christmas Ornaments and Holiday Decorations from the Elves at 32 Degrees North: Deck the Halls in Vintage-Inspired Victorian-Style Christmas Joy!

We've gathered together a wide assortment of hand blown glass Christmas garland beads from the Czech Republic; embossed European Christmas paper scraps and die-cuts; Dresden trims and foils from Germany; German spun cotton Christmas mushrooms; traditional gilded paper from Florence, Italy; spun glass from Germany and many more specialty supplies to enhance your Christmas holiday projects.

Share the joy of the Christmas season in the vintage, old-world fashion with traditional paper advent calendars from Germany, European blown glass ornaments from the original decades-old molds, vintage-inspired Christmas cards, and a collection of handmade ornaments and decorations designed and created by us by hand in our Southern California studio and by our friends in Germany.

Hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each of our ornaments is one of a kind or made in very small quantities. By using vintage and authentic elements, we're able to create vintage-inspired ornaments in the noble tradition of Victorian craftsmen.

We know that our Christmas ornaments and decorations will become a treasured part of your family's holiday celebrations and yuletide traditions for many years to come!

~Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments~

We're so proud to have had the opportunity to partner with a fourth generation German glass blower to bring you our Heirloom Christmas Ornaments, a collection of authentic re-creations of blown glass Christmas ornaments from the turn-of-the-century. Using the original molds from that bygone era, our blown glass ornaments will stir your imagination and conjure the magic of an Old World Christmas.

~Limited Edition Handmade Christmas Ornaments~

In addition to our traditional blown glass ornament offerings, we have created our own collection of one-of-a-kind treasures hand crafted by us in limited editions to help you make yours a truly unique Christmas holiday. Starting with hand-tooled Polish, German and Lauscha glass Christmas ornaments and adorning them with Dresden trims, crinkle wire, German spun glass halos and die cut Victorian scraps, each is a spirited tribute to the Old World Christmas ornament tradition that began in the 1880's. And just like the Victorian Christmas Ornaments of the past, their home-spun character will add warmth and charm to any "tannenbaum."

~Supplies for Christmas Crafting~

Don't let us have all the fun -- We have everything you need to create your own limited edition of Christmas holiday decorations, and start a new family tradition at the same time. Start with our Victorian die cut scraps, add some German spun glass halos and glass glitter, and you'll me amazed at how satisfying it can be to see a little piece of Old World Christmas ornament charm take shape before your very eyes. Shiny metallic papers with fancy embossed designs made in the USA are ideal for colorful backdrops, covering paper cones and lovely as fancy gift wrap; or for a really unique twist, try creating festive Florentine paper origami ornaments. With our extensive collection of blown glass beads, making your own beaded Christmas garlands is so easy and is a great way for the whole family to participate in making holiday memories.

~Old-World Christmas~

Some Victorian Christmas traditions have been lost over the years, but we've managed to unearth a few favorites from Christmas' past. Many will remember the Putz houses of the late 1940's and early 1950's, which adorned tabletops and Christmas tree skirts alike. All of our Putz Christmas houses are designed, built and decorated by us in order to re-create the charm of the originals. Starting with heavy paper board assembled by hand, each Putz house is painted, glittered and snowed to perfection before receiving a finishing coat of real mica and perhaps a bottle brush Christmas tree or two to make it complete. We're also very pleased to be able to offer Knox incense and gingerbread house smokers, made of metal and decorated on all sides like a gingerbread house. And our German candle clips and candles, or "baumkerzen," bring an added bit of vintage Christmas charm to any Christmas tree.

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